Invitation to Submit!
Miniature Art Show
Excellent Frameworks Gallery is proud to present our first “Miniature Art Show”.  We invite artists to submit miniature works of art for our January 2018 show located at 28 Station St, Duncan, B.C.  Excellent Frameworks will be providing complimentary frames on a first come, first serve basis for artists to pick up and create miniature works of art in.
“Miniature Art is often referred to as “the little jewels of the art world” and enjoys continued growth in popularity worldwide.”
Important Dates:
Frame Pickup – November 15th to December 15th
Art Drop Off – January 2nd to January 4th
Art will be on display January 8th to January 30th
Artist Reception, all public welcome, Thursday, January 11th 6pm to 8pm
*No late works will be accepted.
*40% Commission will be deducted from sales, plus 10% donated to local charity (i.e. expect a 50% commission off your marked retail price).
*All works must be originals completed within the past six months
*If you choose to participate by picking up a frame(s), please honor it as an informal agreement to participate in the January show.
*Accepted works must be True Miniature Works of Art.  This means that it must be not just a small work of art, but a miniaturization.  “Foremost in importance in contemporary miniature art is the highly skilled and painstaking techniques should be evident upon viewing the artwork. This is often described as the work should hold up well under magnification. It should draw the viewer’s eye deeper and deeper into itself with amazement at the gem-like details of the tiny treasure.” Excellent Frameworks will be selective of which pieces will be accepted for showing.
Please contact Suzan Kostiuck at 250-746-7112, or email for further information. Visit our facebook page or We look forward to seeing your work!

4 thoughts on “Call for Entry – January 2018 Show

  1. I am really a fan of those artists who love to make miniatures. Miniature for me is like a pendant, a little and cute kind of art. When I was younger, I used to collect different food miniatures and stock them in my room. My mom hated it sometimes because it is a mess for her and it is hard to clean due to it is small. I am looking forward to see some of your art works regarding miniature. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. That was so informative! I really wished that I can go to figurative abstraction kinds of collectibles. I invited my friend last month in Compton to see different art works, but we were not able to go that is why I wish I can see more art work from different artist. I also do a lot of art work regarding abstract because it leaves clues to the viewers and that is so much fun. In that way, they became more interesting about your work. Keep it up!

  3. Hi,
    I participated in the minature art show. I sold a piece titled “Kingfisher In Autumn” that retailed for $110. You gave me a cheque for only $44.00. Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Hi Brenda – yes, you were the first one to pick up your cheque and we realized later that day our error. I will email you directly (or call you) to ensure the balance is paid out properly 🙂

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