Amy has been actively pursuing photography for over 40 years. She worked as a darkroom technician for a local newspaper for several years. There, she discovered a passion for tweaking whatever was on the negative and ignoring those who said: “You can’t do that!”.

Amy has embraced the digital age and the digital darkroom. In using a technique called “texture-layering”, she now tweaks to her heart’s content. Texture-layering is stacking (layering) other images with the subject image digitally (aka on the computer using Photoshop or whatever software you like). The images used can be anything that gives a textured look. A few examples of the texture images she uses are; painted canvas, tanned bison hide, a stucco wall (one of her faves), clouds, etc. A piece could have a couple of texture layers to possibly twenty (or even more) to create that final image. Each of the texture layer images is like a tube of paint. She does not, as a rule, add any other elements to the original image. It’s a matter of staying true to what is captured. This is a simplified description of her process. She hopes it gives a basic idea of the process. She also leaves well enough alone and does not tweak other than to process the image if she doesn't get the exposure etc. as ideally as she'd have liked.

Amy also paints. After exploring abstract painting, she leaning more towards a semi-impressionism style. I use acrylic paint, oil pastels, and woody stabilo crayons. These mediums give her the tools to add a lot of texture to her paintings.

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