Searching for an art form of a combination with the play of lines with the field of tension was, and still is, the biggest challenge for Ati Emmerik.

Emmerik's creations are often abstracted figurative works with her characteristic simplicity and stillness that originates from free expression. To this day, the search for beauty and harmony is far from complete. Bronze sculpture still gives inspiration for innovative creativity every day. Emmerik consciously choses to stay close to herself during her search for shapes, which brought her to self-taught artistry. The many three-dimensional designs found their way to exhibitions and galleries within and outside Europe.

The process of designing bronze (finishing, polishing, patinating, making molds, and stone carving) and using various materials to give spatial shape to mediums such as clay, wax, plaster, soapstone, and concrete, were especially fascinating years of discoveries for Emmerik.

Ati Emmerik born in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. She lives and works in Purmerend, in the north of Holland. Commissions available.


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