Originally from Halifax, NS, Hugh is a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. With a family history of artisans, woodcarvers, and ship
Art critique Liz Gilbert wrote, "Diana is an amiable artist with an infectious wit, who elevates everyday experience and domestic objects to benignly
Sitting among my paintings, I am enticed by the desire to control, change and order. In learning to allow the critical chatter while at the same time
About Metalynngems. Lynn Williams has been creating jewelry for over ten years. Her experience with copper bowl design, anticlastic forming, chaseing,
More than 38 years ago, I left an academic career in biology to immerse my hands and head in the making of pots, first in Fairbanks, Alaska and now on
Like many artists and writers, Nik has been drawing and writing—making stories—since she could hold a pencil and make marks. She is curious and al
Suzan is a Canadian Dene artist living on Vancouver Island, B.C. She started painting 15 years ago while living in Alberta.  Her work is inspired by
Allan Gott began his career with glass over 30 years ago in Alberta. With enthusiasm and a knowledgable sense of design, Allan creates unique combinat
My fascination with art started as a young child. It has now become a passion to express my emotions through my art.. As far back as I can remember, I
Franziska was born in East Germany and received a diploma in Art Therapy and Fine Arts. During university she was trained in various artistic media su