Your Art - Your Design

With almost a thousand frames available, hundreds of matboards, and a dozen glazing options, we offer our experience and knowledge to guide you with your artwork.

When a client comes in and tells us that they don't know which frame to choose, we often say there is only one right frame and that we will find it. We simply ask that you come in with an open mind and time to play with designs!

Custom framing is a delight for us.  It is literally like a gift when someone comes in and shares their piece of art.  Not only do we get to see thousands of works, but we also get to hear the stories of why these pieces are significant to you.  We have framed just about everything! Wedding dresses, family photos, original works of art from the 1800's, limited edition prints, pillowcases....the possibilities are endless and that is where we find our joy.

For business clients, please contact us directly with your budget and requirements.  We are able to offer bulk discounts for large orders as well as installation services..

For art consultation services, please contact Suzan Kostiuck directly at 250-746-7112 or email  Suzan works with local artists to help you find artworks that suit you, your home, and your budget.

Online Services

Out of town? Awake late at night?

Custom Framing with Suzan - Excellent FrameworksHave limited free time? Hate parking downtown?  Send us a clear image of your art (, and we can send you sample images of design ideas along with estimates for each one.

We have provided framing services for the following clients, and are always looking for ways to support our community.

  • Arthur Vickers Gallery
  • Brentwood Bay College
  • Cowichan Tribes
  • Cowichan Valley Arts Council
  • Debbie Meiner Real Estate
  • Judy Hill Gallery
  • JD Stevenson Gallery
  • Malahat First Nation
  • Veronica Scott, Mosaic Artist


Custom Framing - Duncan BC