Jess Hallman is an aspiring artist living in Victoria, BC. She enjoys nature, beer and nerdy board games, but is happiest behind her easel. In January, 2022, Hallman made a resolution to pick up her paintbrush daily to rekindle her love of painting that she shared with her great grandmother as a child.

Hallman paints to connect and bring joy to others. Hallman likes to mix, match and swap out her paintings to create gallery walls and hopes others will enjoy doing the same. She currently lives in Victoria, B.C.

"I feel compelled to paint daily and I use it as a means to challenge myself to further understand how people perceive colour and design. I learned to paint as a child with my great grandmother but pursued sports and a career in IT instead. However, something was missing, and twenty years later I have rekindled my love of the paintbrush. I have a strong background in User Experience and Human and Computer Interaction, which oddly offers somewhat of a foundation for creating art. Through work, I've learned that colour is purely perception and you can't assume that two people will interpret something the way you intended them to. I am most satisfied when I have produced a piece of art that the end observer interprets entirely differently than how I expected. For me, painting is a form of communication. Each piece offers a baseline for further conversation. Through discussion I get to learn what feelings or memories someone experiences when they are drawn to one of my pieces. I also have an overly analytical mind, which is satisfied through painting. I love that I can delve into the underlying physics of light and colour one day and toss it aside the next day by producing something that would never exist in nature. I love the freedom to interchange between fact and fiction depending on mood.

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