John started his painting journey at a young age with encouragement from his father. At his father's suggestion, John strove to paint better than the painting just finished. Through his school years he found the only subject he enjoyed was art class and out of school, he would be found painting and drawing. As a member of a large family of six, he enjoyed spending alone time drawing the wonderful scenes surrounding him, finding peace from the actions of his family.

After College he went directly into the Design world as the Art director with Jacque Charette’s Design Agency (noted for his design work with Expo 67). With his agency he worked on many notable projects for government and private organizations which gave him the foundation in marketing and design. This enabled him to open his own firm and art and design became the centre of his life. Being in the design world he learned to do many different styles in painting due to the ever-changing client needs. After a time he began to tire of doing other peoples styles and started to work on his own style which brings him to today’s work painting with pure oils with palette knives, moving and sculpting the paint, which gives his work the depth movement and texture that became his iconic style.

John was always happiest when near the wildness of nature. He found there was just too much to take in in the City. He loved the ever changing colours that nature brings. And those colours found their way into his paintings. Working from his home in Chemainus, John let the wildness and ever changing colours of nature take hold and make their way into his paintings.

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