Jolene is a visual artist who works with paintbrushes (not dotting tools) and acrylic paint in the style of dotillism.

Each subject of the piece is honoured – a moment, a place, an animal – by creating an extremely intricate, detailed background from thousands of dots which contrasts and therefore highlights the stark silhouette of the subject itself.

She is a Registered Veterinary Technologist and has been working in the field of veterinary medicine for over 25 years – this has given her ample opportunity to witness and be inspired by the incredible bond between animals and people. She is also a backpacker and seeks out the remote places of our amazing West Coast for both inspiration and spiritual rejuvenation.

When she started dotillism with Mandala stones, she was hooked. She had been painting them for about 4 years when she started to experiment on canvas. As time went on, the dots become tinier and tinier and the backgrounds more intricate. At the beginning, her subjects were naturally animals and then on her annual trip to the Roy Henry Vickers Gallery in Tofino, she was inspired to incorporate the wild West Coast coast lines and forests. This was her “aha” moment and it released an endless stream of inspiration for her painting. She loves the beautiful, detailed work of First Nations artists and how they connect with nature through their art; artists such as Clarence Wells and Bill Reid, along with the amazing Roy Henry Vickers. There are so many amazing artists here on Vancouver Island, and she is constantly inspired by these gifted individuals.

It still surprises her at how incredibly meditative and calming the practice of dotillism is. The work is so fine and detailed it requires breath control and a very steady hand, so she finds herself entering this space where she is very present and focused on the scene, which allows her to let go of everything else on her mind.

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