Like many, I am fascinated by people, and the intricacies of the inner landscape. I’ve always been interested in the complex motivational forces that inspire our actions. My paintings come from a place of deep compassion and sensitivity for the human experience.

The paintings seem to come together on their own to reveal through colour, symbolic elements, light and shadow, and a minute expression something of a subtle backstory. There is a sense of familiarity and sympathetic connection with the subject.

My interest in our shared experience weaves its way through my urban landscapes too, inspired by the elements that communicate the distinct culture of a neighbourhood, and the relationships between the buildings and the people who inhabit them.”

Karen is inspired by the Canadian artists living and working in the mid 20th century employing Post-Impressionist techniques to both document and inform a sense of the mood and flavour of our national identity. “I feel a need to paint to savour and record a moment in time before it escapes.”

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Karen Kaiser is a self-taught artist who paints portraits, urban landscapes, and landscapes from her studio in Victoria, BC.

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