Born and raised on the West Coast of British Columbia, Tiffany has always held a deep appreciation for the natural beauty surrounding her.

The permanence of landscape and architecture, when combined with the ever changing light, provides an endless source of inspiration and challenge. The tension created when painting the "Grand View" in miniature format engages the viewer on an intimate level. There is an elusive quality inherent in miniature paintings which draws the viewer inward.

The Roots of painting in miniature are found in the historical art of Illumination; of embellishing and illustrating ancient manuscripts and letters. With the passage of time and changing social trends impacting traditional miniature work, contemporary miniaturists now enjoy a broad range of subjects and mediums to work with.

It takes approximately 15 hours for Tiffany to complete an average 3" x 3" miniature painting and a generous amount of patience and concentration.

Both a challenging and rewarding experience, painting in miniature has become a passion for her and it is Tiffany's pleasure to share the artistry and the technique with others.

I often hold my breath while applying the tiniest of details and frequently have to remind myself to get up and move! It is my pleasure to both paint and teach the fine art of painting in miniature”.

In addition to her paintings she is the author of two instructive painting books, Endless Seasons and Endless Seasons II, and is currently working on her third book. Tiffany resides in Mission, B.C. with her family.

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