Join us in August to view 50 new works by Wilma Millette!

Artist Statement

This Collection show cases my curious collage and assemblage artwork, featuring original antique papers, maps, and found objects. I see beauty in the discarded everyday objects from the past. An old hand written receipt for oranges, a rusty key, a faded photograph, all become art supplies to me. I like to combine them in unexpected ways, to unearth the untold story.

My West Coast Art series features vintage maps and nautical charts in whimsical seascapes, boats and sea creatures. The inspiration comes from childhood boating adventures among the gulf islands and visits to our Galiano Island family homestead.

The Cabinet of Curiosities Collection is rich with discovered stories and clever repurposing of found objects from my magpie stash. I am influenced by my love of vintage mystery books and interest in history.

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