Suzan is a Canadian Dene artist living on Vancouver Island, B.C.

She started painting 15 years ago while living in Alberta.  Her work is inspired by her cultural environment and also by contemporary artists James Lavadour and Alex Janvier.  Suzan received her B.F.A. in Visual Arts from the University of Victoria, and continues her education through workshops offered my Vancouver Island artists.  Suzan also owns Excellent Frameworks – Home of the E.J. Hughes Gallery, where she is privileged to work with very talented and knowledgeable artists.

Suzan Kostiuck

This painting was created during the Truth and Reconciliation report process.

  Before each painting session, I would think about my own family’s history, the survivors, and what this report might mean for our Canadian culture, if anything.  This piece quickly became an energy of resilience, as this was a feeling that underlay all the emotions.

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